Rare early AppleScript articles

I posted this to the ASUsers list, too, so apologies for cross-posting if you’re on both.

I’ve just added 14 new items to the Applescript Reference Library pdf repository:

These are excerpts from issues of Apple’s ‘develop’ magazine that were published between 1992 and 1997. Asides from being of historical interest, they contain some great conceptual background on the underpinnings of and philosophy behind AppleScript.

I thoroughly recommend them.

The added titles are:

Issue 10: Apple Event Objects and You (Richard Clark)
Issue 12: Better Apple Event Coding Through Objects (Eric M. Berdahl)
Issue 18: The Open Scripting Architecture (Paul G. Smith)
Issue 19: Implementing Inheritance in Scripts (Paul G. Smith)
Issue 20: Scripting the Finder From Your Application (Greg Anderson)
Issue 21: Designing a Scripting Implementation (Cal Simone)
Issue 22: Scripting Quandaries (Cal Simone)
Issue 23: Thinking About Dictionaries (Cal Simone)
Issue 24 (Part 1): Speeding Up whose Clause Resolution (Greg Anderson)
Issue 24 (Part 2): Steps to Scriptability (Cal Simone)
Issue 25: Properties & Preferences (Cal Simone)
Issue 26: Attaching and Embedding Scripts (Cal Simone)
Issue 28: Coding Your Object Model for Advanced Scriptability (Ron Reuter)
Issue 29: User Interactions in AppleEvent Driven Applications (Cal Simone)

Many thanks to Ron Reuter for sharing them.