Raising Powers AppleScript

Does anyone know if its possible to raise powers in applescript?
I want to find


fn = f0 * (a)

submit the 'n’th interval and the “f0” fundamental frequency in hertz in a display dialog

and be able to return the nth interval in hertz

(3= the third interval of the fundamental (f0=440hz (A3 note)) which = 523.3Hz (C4 note))


f3 = 440Hz * (1.059463…) = 523.3 Hz

And also with the code example below, is there a way, to use the “round” command to round the “theMean” off to 2 decimal places? where 103.8934773294 Hz results in 103.89Hz.
Maybe Python and Pandas would be the pragmatic choice

set A to 0

repeat with this_item in new_list
set A to A + this_item
end repeat
set theMean to (A / (count new_list))
set rndMean to (round (theMean))
I hope someone cam help, thanks in advance for your time.


If you can’t round decimals maybe i could do
theMean x 100
then divide by 100

to get rndMean with 2 decimal places

use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use scripting additions

set myNumber to 3 ^ 4