Quitting with script running issue

I just had several scripts open, with one running but paused at a breakpoint in debug mode.

Wanted to quit SD (to be able to see results and variables again) so hit cmd-q.

I got the dialog asking if I wanted to review unsaved changes and clicked review changes.

The paused script came to the front with the “Stop and Close” dialog.

I clicked stop and close. The dialog disappeared and SD enetered an unusual state. The script was still up and had halted by I couldn’t close it. SD would beep. Other scripts were up in bg and I could click on them and move their windows, but couldn’t close them.

Not sure how or why but after about a minute SD displayed another save dialog for one of the open scripts and I clicked save and then SD continued with it’s quitting process.

This happened once before but SD didn’t clear itself. I may not have waited long enough.

→ Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A49)
→ MacOS 11.6.2