Question about turning off code folding

I have turned off Code Folding on all my scripts (and now I have far fewer SD hangs).

But this morning I opened an Applet and code folding was turned off, but some code was folded.

There were no triangles in the left gutter, but there were ellipse (…) icons at the end of some foldable lines. The only way to see the folded code was turn cold folding back on, revealing the triangles.

I have no idea how a script could be saved with folded code and code folding off.

Is this how code folding is supposed to work?

No, when you turn code folding off, it should remain disabled. This sounds like some sort of SD bug. Please send me an example document illustrating the problem and I’ll look into it.

This seems to still be an issue. I have a rather long script (an applet) that I had used with code folding before, but later turned code folding off. The very last handler in the script is folded. I noticed this in the previous SD version. I updated to 7A62 and the issue is still there.

–> Script Debugger 7.0.5 (7A62)

–> Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G22010)

I’ve not yet addressed this problem. It will be noted in the release notes when I manage to find a good solution.

Got it, I thought I saw something in one of the release notes but that was probably a different issue.