Question about isReleasedWhenClosed in NSWindow


Does the NSWindow property “isReleasedWhenClosed()” actually do anything in in ASObj-C? I’ve never seen sure how much garbage collection is handled in ASObj-C.


AppleScriptObjC memory management is done as part of AppleScript’s own garbage collection, which means it works in its own mysterious ways. I suspect it leaks. But for typical uses it really doesn’t matter.

I suspect the typical uses you are referring to are short run times. I have wondered if an ASObj-C Applet could be run for a week straight. I figure it would crash or be sucking up a huge amount of memory by that time. However trying to do memory management might well make ASObj-C crash.

I’m always looking for a way to take ASObj-C to the next level. The problem is I don’t know what that level is. I did create a functional text editor in an Applet that saved and opened text files, allows text editing and had workable menus but then I wasn’t sure what I would do with it. When I have BBEdit why would I use something else? I had thought about putting a text search into it, but that was when I started to think about why when I have BBEdit.

I guess for me the next level is the ASObj-C database. I’m doing AppKit right now.


That’s right.

Obviously it depends on what it does. But you may well find the system will keep throwing virtual memory at it.

I understand the sentiment, but I fear you’ll run into a rather harsh reality fairly quickly. It does what it does well enough, but the lack of threading and support for blocks leave it severely restricted for building serious apps.

I know your right but the world needs dreamers that live in a purely fictional happy world where the impossible means it just takes longer :slight_smile: Dream big, code hard, and never let reality get in the way of a great goal :crazy_face:.