Provide Picker Placeholders with User-Defined Picklists

Continuing the discussion from Need Detailed Instructions for Creating Templates with Placeholders:

Please revise picker placeholders to support user-defined pick lists.


OK, so I’m asking. I think if more users knew that users could define their own placeholders, then this would be a hot idea. :wink:

I use Text Item Delimiters a lot, commas, spaces, returns, tabs, mostly, but it could be anything, I think a user designed picker that would allow a pop-up to select from a list of TID options would be just fine. (It would clear about half a dozen items from my clippings list)

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Here’s a couple more. Similar to typing ta & return for tell application popup:

us & return to get a popup of all available library scripts

uf & return to get a popup of all available foundations

(both would presumably add “use scripting additions”

OK, but those are all easily done now with text substitutions.

I think this feature would be great. So I’m asking too.