Problems with CalendarLib and accessing individual calendars

I’m testing out CalendarLib on Big Sur, and I’m seeing an issue with even running the sample scripts, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s a Big Sur issue or something I self-inflicted. Here is the code, I figured out that the default code couldn’t seem to access any calendar, so I revised it to retrieve all calendars, but even with that I still can’t find any name or other handle to only select a single calendar without hard coding “item x of theCals”? Thanks.

use script "CalendarLib EC" version "1.1.3" -- put this at the top of your scripts
use scripting additions

-- fetch properties of events for next week
set d1 to (current date)
set d2 to d1 + 1 * days
set theStore to fetch store

-- Always returns empty list for all names of my calendars
--set theCal to fetch calendar "Home" cal type cal cloud event store theStore -- change to suit

-- returns all calendars in store
set theCal to fetch calendars {} event store theStore -- change to suit

-- only way I can reference single calendar
set theEvents to fetch events starting date d1 ending date d2 searching cals {item 16 of theCal} event store theStore

-- searching against all calendar list
-- set theEvents to fetch events starting date d1 ending date d2 searching cals theCal event store theStore
repeat with anEvent in theEvents
		log (event_summary of (event info for event anEvent))
		log (event info for event anEvent)
		log (event identifier for event anEvent)
		log (event attendees for event anEvent)
		log (event recurrence for event anEvent)
	end try
end repeat

I’ve had a couple of reports of problems, which appear to be the result of bugs in the EventKit framework in Big Sur. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution I’m happy with as yet.

Thanks for the quick reply, let me know if there is anything I can help test if you find something you are happy with.