Problem using NSOpenSave+MyriadHelpers

Shane, I’m using your helper in version 2.0 to show an open panel as sheet in a single-window app.

Everything is going well except when the app has been hidden:
On re-activating the app, the sheet does not show and if I click on the button to display the open panel again, I get a beep and nothing happens.
I can do anything with my app except showing this sheet paneL
It seems the panel is here but not visible.

Is there anything I can do to show it again when the app activates?


Only guessing but maybe this could be helpful…

Hi Fredrik,

makeKeyAndOrderFront:was my first guess, although I was not very confident in the result.
In fact all order: methods will result in a separated window.
Depending on what the user is doing, the sheet may ends behind the main window.

Thank you anyway!

Now I’m guessing again sorry, I have read somewhere its possible to change the first responder of a view to respond to events. Maybe the sheet didn’t become the firstResponder when you click the second time.

Do you have Title Bar enabled ??

If not try to include NSTitledWindowMask to the sheet

I found a solution: endSheet:returnCode:.