Pref for line wrap default

(Steve Mills) #1

I’d really love it if there was a pref for setting it so all scripts would open with line wrap on.

(Mark Alldritt) #2

You can configure any View settings using the Window > Save Window Size & State command.

First, create a new document and configure it as you want for line wrapping, show invisibles, etc. Alternatively, open an existing document which is configured as you want. Then issue the Window > Save Window Size & State command.

From this point onward, newly created documents will inherit these settings.

NOTE: content related preferences are handled by script templates.

(Steve Mills) #3

Well I’ll be dipped. I wonder how many times I’ve opened the Window menu and failed to realize those menu items were in it. Thanks for describing which things it affects.

(Jim Underwood) #4

I would like this also, independent of the “Save State” command.

What about all of my existing scripts?
Can I cause them to open with line wrap enabled?

(Mark Alldritt) #5

No, this is a per-document setting. You could try and script it in some way by setting the document's wrap lines property to true.