PostScript support disappearing in Sonoma

I belatedly noticed that the pstopdf command doesn’t exist in Sonoma, and that lpr won’t send PostScript files to the printer. For my AppleScript apps, I’ve devised workarounds that use a copy of Ghostscript to generate a PDF from a PostScript file (and the PDF can of course be printed), but I wonder if there are any workarounds that don’t require third-party software like GhostScript.

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PostScript support has indeed been removed from all frameworks and methods on Sonoma where PostScript processing was possible.

Frankly, I don’t know of any workarounds.

I wonder if you can replace the routine that creates a PostScript file in your script in the first place? Maybe there’s a way to create PDF directly (although you probably already evaluated this possibility anyway).

The apps I’m working with run emulators running old software that creates PostScript files, so there’s no alternative to PostScript.

Fortunately, GhostScript does everything that needs to be done, so the hardship isn’t too great.

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lpr does still send PostScript files to my Xerox. What’s your printer? Perhaps the driver relied on the OS to create a raster from the PostScript.

But yes: a sad day. As you say, you’ll need GhostScript and/or other third-party software, as there’s nothing in the OS to provide a ‘workaround’.

Hmm… either I was wrong, or they’ve put back the ability to print PS files from lpr. But ps2pdf is definitely gone.

@benwiggy - It turns out that lpr in Sonoma can, as you say, send PostScript files to PostScript-compatible printers, but not to printers that don’t have PostScript built in. With these it gives the error message:

Unsupported document-format "application/postscript".