Post 2 things done for new version of ASObj-C database


I posted the 2 things that are done for the new version of the ASObj-C database.

There is an applet that returns the super classes when when given a class. It is not a run only so you can check out the source for the applet. It error checks and even tries to guess what might be wrong with the input when the class name input is invalid.

I also posted a ASObj-C glossary to define words used in the database and words used in Apple documentation.

Altogether there will be:

  • New ASObj-C database
  • New “Install ASObj-C database”
  • New “Quick start guide”
  • Get super classes applet
  • Help manual
  • Glossary

Things have changed enough that I have to update the “Install ASObj-C database” and “Quick start guide” documents.

Can you look over the 2 things I posted and let me know if they look ok to you and if the glossary definitions are ok.

I’ll make a full big announcement when everything is done for the new version.



The superclass applet looks good. I’m afraid I don’t have time to go through the glossary at the moment. One thing that leapt out to me on glancing through it, though, is a couple of examples where my is used instead of current application's. Please don’t suggest that.


I have no idea why I used “me” for the examples in NSString and NSMutableString. I never do that in a script. I guess I was thinking more about the glossary then the AppleScript.

I made the changes to the entries for NSString and NSMutableString with the new text being:

current application's NSMutableString's stringWithString:"AppleScript is great!"

current application's NSString's stringWithString:"Dialog Toolkit is great!"

I updated the Glossary in the “Permanent place for ASObj-C database” topic with version number ASObj-C Glossary Sorry about that silly mistake.