Possible to test whether an app is listed in the Accessibility pane of Privacy & Security?

As the header says, is there a way to test whether my application is listed in the Accessibility pane so that I can prompt the user on how to fix it? I need to ask, because the application that needs to be listed is buried deep inside my script bundle, and the only way to add it to the pane (at least the only way I can find) is to drag it from a Finder window into the pane.

Thanks for any help with this.

Not via AppleScript (including ASObjC).

Thank you - I should have done some more research, like this:

As this says, there’s no way to do this in an app that you ask users to download. Thanks again for confirming this.

It seems to me that your app, after it is downloaded and run, lcould drop an AppleScript script in an OSX folder somewheres, and then invoke Script Editor to compile and run it. An AppleScript run by Script Editor, according to the link, is allowed to check which applications are listed in the security pane. The script can then dump the list to a text or log file, which can be opened by your app.

Thank you for this. It would work, but only if the user has already granted accessibility permission to the Script Editor, and there’s no way to count on that. But I’m still hoping for a solution!