Popup menu confusion

This seems new. I was going to toy with the idea of itentifying a handler call and then jumping to the handler in a script. I opened a script and when I hovered over the handler call the popup menu suggested the hander call was an undefined variable.

In the example below if I hover over the “my SetPaths…” call, the popup menu reads

“SetPaths: The variable SetPaths is not defined.”

I don’t recall that behavior in the past, I thought the pop-up could show the difference between a call and a variable. Or, am I misremembering?

my updateProgress({ProgressTotalSteps:4, ProgressCompletedSteps:0, ProgressDesc:"Referee cards", ProgressExtraDesc:"Starting Up"})

my SetPaths()
my updateProgress({ProgressCompletedSteps:3, ProgressExtraDesc:"Gathering data..."})