Popup in view based table view


I have a view based table view

It shows (HTML Hex) colors used in a srt file.
Badly formatted colors are set to transparent black, others are shown as rtf text with NSBackgoundColor set to the color.

Now depended on usage either the color should be kept as color, be ignored, replaced by the name or replaced by some standard stuff like someBracketOpen & speaker & someBracketClose) etc.
It would be nice if this could be done by selecting values from a popup in each row.

But I don’t succeed.
Any hints are really appreciated.

If somebody needs the code for the colored squares let me know.
I searched the web for display arbitrary colors in a table view and didn’t find anything. So I finally used this rtf text solution.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at, but anything you can use on, say, a window’s content view, you can also use in view-based table view.

Thanks Shane for the reply

That’s what I thought, but got crashes of various kind.
I’ll rebuild this little app.

After creating a complete new project everything works as expected.