Please update website links to find find the latest version information

WhenI run v1.4.x, there’s no indication that there’s a version now now, at least not when I run it on HS, which doesn’t support SD 2.
When I look for news about updates, by opening the “Visit Our Website” provided by SD 1 in the menu, I get directed to this URL:

Which in turn redirects to:

So, I end up at a quite outdated page.

Would be nice if your redirection would at least point to the latest SD 1 info, or to a page that informs me about both versions 1 and 2, with pointers to the latest downloads for each.

SD Notary 2 has not yet been officially released, and we want to get that step done first. Once it is, we’ll look to doing a notification to SD Notary users via the Sparkle update mechanism. And we’ll try to fix the links.

Let us get SD Notary 2 released, and then if anyone sees any other links that should change, we’ll try to get on to them.