Please more help with using Sparkle to update enhanced applets


I’m new to Script Debugger and am really excited by the enhanced applets in Script Debugger 7.

I’m particularly excited by the Sparkle support and would love to be able to update my applets with Sparkle.

The post/tutorial and scripts available in the announcements forum are really helpful and, with one exception, are all I need to get up and running.

But being more of an appleScript enthusiast than a developer I’m not exactly sure how/where I can host/serve my Appcast and applet.

Will I be able to add them to a WordPress or SquareSpace site, or simply keep them in Dropbox and use the shared link as their URL? There’s probably only around 6 people using the applet. If none of those work, could I use something like Linode? If Linode, do I install something nginx (although from what I briefly saw from Google nginx is only HTTP whereas I need something that does HTTPS).

If anyone could please point me to any good resources for the ignorant or give any tips I’d really appreciate it. I’d ideally like to avoid the need to run my own website just for this project – I’ve done that in the past and don’t want to go there again.