Placeholders and templates

At some point my templates stopped appearing in the New Script window. I finally got around to looking to see why. They didn’t get migrated from the SD5 folder. That’s highly annoying and unexpected! Please migrate everything when you (also annoyingly) create a new App Support folder based on version numbers. Also, stop doing that! :expressionless: Tons and tons of apps manage to keep the same folder for decades without problem.

I wanted a useful “put code here” placeholder in my template. Couldn’t find any way to do it in the help files, only how to format them for clippings. Finally dug into the app and found the standard templates and opened them with Script Editor, since opening them with SD hides the special chars needed.

You really should make this easier to create and easier to find in help. Like an item in Edit to create a placeholder from the selection would be great.

I appreciate your frustration. We tried to provide an auto-import of clippings from SD5 to SD6, but it proved to be a very difficult task to get right given the wide range of arrangements of Clippings folders.

We settled on having new Application Support folders for each major version of SD because some people insist on running a couple of versions of SD and conflicts always seem to arise with a single folder.

In general, you should be able to simply copy (or symlink) your clippings and scripts into the new SD6 folder. If you alter the clippings we provide, then it gets a little more complex.