Pirating Script Debugger


I came across this URL today while looking for something else. It has a button that says “script-debugger-6.0-6a169-sn.dmg.torrent” that you click to down load it. The site URL is “soft-portal.club” I would guess they are pirating Script Debugger. The club web page is http://soft-portal.club. It has a whole site with software that has no prices.

The actual URL where I seen this is:
The page is in Russian but Google translate read it at the URL:

I’m not sure you can do anything about it since it looks like it’s on a Russian site. But I thought you would like to know about it.

Here’s the link to the whois for the site:

Whois does list emails and phone numbers.


Sigh. Thanks for the heads up on this. As you guessed, there isn’t too much I can do about this. If there is a serial number, I can ban that from future maintenance releases.

I wouldn’t worry about it. That site is just an adware/badware honeypot, full of javascript redirects to pornsites and hijacks to download MacKeeper etc. If you jump through a few hoops** to eventually get the torrent, it looks like what they deliver is the trial dmg - can’t 100% confirm that yet as it doesn’t look like the torrent has any seeders, but if it ever does result in a download, I’ll let you know.

(** troubleshooting issues caused by these kind of sites is part of my professional interest - don’t try this at home folks!).

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