Photoshop crash on opening dictionary

I fired up Script Debugger this morning to figure out what the correct reference is for the IPTC field “Transmission Reference.” But every time I try to get to the Dictionary, Photoshop crashes over and over again. Crash, restart, crash, restart, crash… With me doing nothing.

This is the error message:

The application “Adobe Photoshop CC” appears to have crashed, responding to the following Apple Event:

AppleScript: get preferences folder

AEPrint: ‘core’‘getd’{ ‘----’:'obj '{ ‘want’:‘prop’, ‘from’:null(), ‘form’:‘prop’, ‘seld’:‘prfl’ } }


For the syntax, try this:

tell application id "8BIM"
set transRef to (transmission reference of info of current document)
end tell

For the crash, have you reloaded the dictionary?


I’m not able to reproduce the crash you are experiencing. I can safely use the explorer to view transmission reference of info of current document:

Looks like the value of transmission reference in my document is a simple string. How do I reproduce the data you are using?

Unfortunately this is probably a bug you are going to have to report to Adobe in the hope they will fix it in some future version of Photoshop.

Just in case…

Go to Preferences -> Dictionary and click Clear Cache. Then try again.

Thanks for the replies, and sorry for the delay. Went out of town. I’ll check Monday.