PDFPen Pro selected page to text

How to coerce the selected page from pdf pen to text that can be saved?

Some experimentation below.


tell application id "com.smileonmymac.PDFpenPro"
	set thePage to selected page of document 1
	-->page 34 of document "AppleScript Language Guide.pdf"
	--can not coerce to text
	--set the clipboard to thePage
	set thePage2 to thePage as record
	--> {«class form»:index, «class want»:page, selection duration:34, from:document "AppleScript Language Guide.pdf"}
	set thePageInteger to thePage2's integers
	set xxx1 to «class form» of thePage2
	--> index
	set xxx2 to «class want» of thePage2
	--> page
	--set xxx3 to selection duration of thePage2
	--set xxx4 to from of thePage2
	set the clipboard to thePage2
end tell