Pausing at first executable statement

I’ve just started running SD 7 in trial mode, while waiting for my code to upgrade from SD 6 (recent purchase). In debugging mode, when I click the Execute button in the toolbar, or select Execute from the Script menu, SD7 pauses at the first executable statement. If I click the button again, it proceeds normally.

Is this a bug, or a preference setting? How do I eliminate the pause at the first statement? Thanks.

I’m not sure how that crept in.

I’m trying to reproduce the problem you are experiencing without any success.

There are two ways to run a script: The Execute (Command-R) command and the Step Over/Into commands. The Execute command should run your script until the script ends, your issue the Pause command, or your script hits a breakpoint. The Step Over/Into commands will pause immediately on the very first statement.

Would it be possible for you to capture a movie showing the steps you are using to execute your script? I’m very curious to see exactly what you are doing to cause Script Debugger to fail in this way.

Screen recording uploaded to:

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@LagunaHiker, this will be addressed in an upcoming maintenance release. In the meantime, we see that it only happens when Persistent Properties is turned off for a script. So depending on what you are doing, turning Persistent Properties on for a script is a workaround.