Paste Special in Excel 2016 16.16.27 Broken

Finally updating from Excel 2011 to 2016 on a “robot” running Mojave (and as soon as I get XL working will go up to Catalina and upgrading to XL 2019/365 is feasible too). One thing that broke is being able to paste from the clipboard a block of tab-delimited text into a worksheet using “paste special” “what paste values” so the tabbing is retained. Currently it doesn’t paste at all. Works fine in 2011. I staggered upgrading XL and the OS in hopes of making troubleshooting of stuff like this a bit more straight-forward with only changing one factor at a time.

My GoogleFu turned up nothing I could action on.

Something like this?

tell application id "XCEL"
	tell active sheet
		set theRange to used range
		copy range theRange
		set newDoc to make document
		paste special theRange what paste values operation paste special operation none skip blanks (false) transpose (false)
		paste special theRange what paste formats
		paste special theRange what paste column widths
	end tell
end tell

MacOS 10.15.7 (19H2026)
Excel 16.64 (16.64.22081401)