Optical character recognition with tesseract

Hey Guys

Anyone able to get tesseract working? I’ve installed via homebrew but cant get the output.

set theRead to do shell script "/usr/local/bin/tesseract -l eng IMG_4948.tif TestImage"

It works quite well when used via Keyboard Maestro.
In fact, here’s a great KM Macro that lets you select the area on the screen and then it OCRs it and puts the results on the Clipboard:

Macro: OCR – User-Selected Area Macro

I would find an answer to devRap’s inquiry with an example of Applescript do shell script or similar method, more in keeping with the focus of this forum.

In my humble opinion, I think that this forum would be of most interest, were discussions and replies focused on topics relating to Script Debugger, AppleScript, ASOC, or shell scripts invoked by Applescript. References to other applications, although providing some benefit, appear to exceed the scope of this forum, and might be be best posted on web sites, dedicated to those applications. The inclusions of references or links to other applications, in my opinion, detract from the effectiveness of this forum’s discussions.

Perhaps so. However, my post was quite brief, and was intended to show that the underlying technology seems to work well in general. Also, it might provide a solution for some who are willing to consider other tools. I often see references to shell scripts, with Bash and other languages. IMO, KM fits into that spectrum.

Thanks Guys I’m able to get the expected results when running the script in the terminal but if run via a do shell I don’t get an output.