Open Quickly order

Right now, Open Quickly treats filename and content hits with equal sorting priority. I’m contemplating a change for 6.0.1 where filename hits are ordered above content hits:

Does anyone see a problem with this change?

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No problem. This change would make a lot of sense.

Yes, filename hits first, then content hits makes sense.

Hey Mark,

This seems reasonable, but it would be nice to be able to deliberately filter by file-name and/or content.


Thanks everyone. This change is in 6.0.1. We’ll see how things go. There is an outstanding bug that file name and content hits on the same file produce two entries in the Open Quickly table that I’ll try and resolve in some future maintenance release.

As for adding filters to limit results to file name and/or content hits, sure, that makes sense. I’ll ponder how best to do this, but since that is a substantial UI change, it will probably have to wait for SD7.

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