Online shopping cart for selling products

I know some of us sell scripts, books and other digital products online.

I’ve finally moved some automator actions—acquired from another developer—from the Mac App Store to direct sell. After looking at a number of options, I’m very pleased with the interface and pricing of E-junkie (, and an initial tech support question on a Sunday received a response in only a few hours.

The base plan costs $5 a month for 200MB of space, which meets my needs. It ties into paypal and other processing services to handle payment processing.

Overall, it has made the implementation much easier, and has some nice features for customizing e-mails for product orders. Coupon setup is also very simple. Overall, a huge step up from other services I’ve seen.

I’ll see how my future sales (always modest) go, but I’m glad to have the Mac App Store behind me. It was a huge PITA and so expensive, not to mention the approval process.

You pay them $5/month to host your products, and do they take a commission on your sales as well? And if so, what percentage?

No percentage or transaction fees. The percentage only comes out from paypal or whatever other credit card transaction service to which your account is linked. You can link to many other providers, such as, 2checkout, etc.

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Thanks for the reply, Ray. That does sound like a good deal.

I’ve never bothered with the App Store for my macOS offerings and have always direct sold through an e-commerce provider, in my case, FastSpring. I like them a lot; they’re very efficient and helpful. They don’t charge any monthly fees, so if you sell nothing it costs you nothing, but they do take a 9% commission charge on your sales, so that’s a lot heftier in my case than $5/month.

I’ll have to look into e-junkie some more. A cursory glance suggests they offer pretty much the same services as what I use. Do update us if there’s any surprises or catches as you go along. It sounds too good-to-be-true on the face of it at that price, and that always makes me wary.

Phil, I will keep you informed, especially since I think it was your post about FastSpring plus a credit card service which revived my quest (thanks). I found a developer blog which gave a good overview of several alternatives, and settled on E-junkie after doing my own comparison shopping. I still have a product being sold via DigitalRiver, but it (another aquired product) is dying a natural death and I found DigitalRiver overwhelming.

I’m always looking for an easier way. Ask me for my 70/30 story sometime…

Ray, thanks for sharing. This looks like an excellent, low-cost e-Commerce site.

Just wanted to report back to all that this is going well. As advertised, the complete fee for e-junkie is only $5 per month. The paypal fees for credit card processing aren’t much. I’m pleased with how the e-junkie interface allows me to easily do discount codes for users, and customize purchase e-mails to users.

Right now, I just have automator actions for sale. For those interested in the shopping cart interface, see: