Odd experience with disk access

First, a question:

What’s the best practice for storing files in an applet?

Is it:
Or is it better to not store files in Applet bundles?

The reason I’m asking:

This week I revived my script for searching SD help. It’s working better and faster now.

The idea is that itduplicates the SD help pages, and makes an unformatted text version of all the HTML files to search and displays the search results in Google Chrome (could use Safari too). It works very fast and is more useful than searching using Apple Help app.

While working on it I had the help files saved in the parent folder of the script but when the script was finished the plan was to store them in a folder in Application Support. That’s where the issue came up.

First, it wouldn’t allow me to create them in the default application support folder, I had to specify local domain. After that, I was able to save the files there, do the search, build a search results page with links to the relevant help pages, but the links didn’t work.

Your file couldn’t be accessed
It may have been moved, edited, or deleted.

I can confirm that the files are actually there, and can be opened by the browser.

To get around this I tried is using an applet and saving the help files in the applet’s contents. That seems to work well.

→ Script Debugger 8.0.4 (8A50)
→ Mac OS 11.6.3 (20G415)

They’re resources – they belong somewhere in the bundle’s /Contents/Resources/ folder. Definitely not directly in /Contents/.

OK, thanks, good to know!

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