Objective - C conversion?

I’m having trouble grasping the proper way to convert Objective-C code to an ASOBJC equivalent. Is this possible? Looking at some source code, I see this:

Boolean GetDefaultInputAudioDevice(AudioDeviceID *defaultInputDeviceID)
    UInt32 thePropSize = sizeof(AudioDeviceID);
    AudioObjectPropertyAddress thePropertyAddress =
    { kAudioHardwarePropertyDefaultInputDevice,
        kAudioObjectPropertyElementMaster };
    OSStatus errorCode =
    if (errorCode) {
        printf("Error in GetDefaultInputAudioDevice: %d\n", errorCode);
    return errorCode == 0;

What would this look like? My searching is failing me today and I guess I don’t grasp Objective - C enough yet to know if this is replicable?

Sadly, no. That’s not so much Objective-C as straight C.

Is Core Audio mostly in C? I’ve been trying to detect a muted microphone, but there is no prior art AFAIK, so I’ve just been poking around in the Xcode docs.

I haven’t looked, but I’d expect so. Stuff where any latency is critical usually is.