NSURLSession connecting to airtable API

Can anyone point me in the direct of good resources for using NSURLSession?

I’ve been trying to adapt the awesome work of @Piyomaru but am struggling.

I’m specifically trying to connect to Airtable which uses a bear token for authentication and while I’ve managed to connect via do shell I’m hope to see spead benefits of URLSession.


I’m also interested.
At the moment I also use the do shell way with curl.
Please keep me informed of any progress

I’ve used URLSession in Swift in a SwiftUI app, and found Apple’s documentation, which includes sample code, useful. There’s also Stack Overflow posts with example code. But I haven’t used it with AppleScript or AppleScript Obje before. I’d also love to learn how though if it’s possible.

But I’m surprised and excited to hear it’s possible with do shell script and curl. I’ve used curl that way for a few things but had reluctantly kinda figured that it wouldn’t be sufficient to connect to a modern API.

Could someone please point me in the direction of any good resources for using curl through do shell script to connect with a web API?

Did you make a request to write AirTable scripting book as my #50 ebook?

Here’s a small example to use curl to talk to Filemaker thru it’s API…
on loadTokenForFmpDB()
– v20190626-LNT

set mUser to "username"
set mPasswd to "userPassword"
set mAuthentication to "Basic " & (my encodeBase64:(mUser & ":" & mPasswd))

set mCall to " -H \"Content-Type: application/json\" "
set mCall to mCall & " -H \"Content-Length: 0\" "
set mCall to mCall & " -H \"Authorization: " & mAuthentication & "\""
set mCurlCmd to "curl -X POST " & mCall & " "
-- set mShellCmd to (mCurlCmd & pFmpRESTurl & "auth/" & pFmpDB & " -d " & quoted form of mJson)
set mShellCmd to (mCurlCmd & " " & pFmpRESTurl & mFmpDB & "/sessions")

set jsonReply to do shell script mShellCmd
tell application "JSON Helper" to set json to read JSON from jsonReply
if json's messages's item 1's code is "212" then
	return {err:-1, errMsg:json's messages's item 1's message}
end if
set mToken to json's response's token

return mToken

end loadTokenForFmpDB

You should look at the curl manual how to send a call with a header.
In this example from 2019 I still used the JSON Helper on newer version I replaced it with my own handler based on ASOC…
pFmpRESTurl, pFmpDB are defined at the top of the script library and refer as expected to the url and the name of the Filemaker database on the server.

I hope it’s clear?

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Hi Mr. Naganoya,
I’m also interested in this Airtable scripting book in English please :slight_smile:
I used your site AppleScriptの穴 – Useful & Practical AppleScript archive. Click '★Click Here to Open This Script' Link to download each AppleScript as a good example for restAPI calls.

Like this?

Where can I get this? On your site?
I can’t find it in your books chapter?

It is a kind of mock up. I’m planing to write blog archive books. So, covers and other parts are already exists.
But I could not determine the language (Japanese or English).
So, header part contents (common parts) are already ready (in Japanese).

Are you creating those pages in InDesign ?

Pages. I wrote a lot of support AppleScripts to make the Pages/Keynote works well.

Hi Piyomaru,

IS this booked planned or exists (I cant find it on your website)?

Here is a snippet that I’m using minus some senitive values.

use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use framework "Foundation"
use scripting additions
set apiKey to "Your API key"
set |Dept| to "A Variable you search for"
set theTask to "A view ID in airtable"
set ATable to "https://api.airtable.com/v0/appxXXXX"
set theCall to "curl  '" & ATable & "?filterByFormula=(FIND(%22" & |Dept| & "%22%2C%7BTriggers%7D))&view=" & theTask & "'  -H \"Authorization: Bearer " & apiKey & "\" -H \"Content-Type: application/json\""
tell current application to set theJsonCall to do shell script theCall
 set theJsonTEXT to theJsonCall as text

set jsonString to current application's NSString's stringWithString:theJsonTEXT
 set JSONdata to jsonString's dataUsingEncoding:(current application's NSUTF8StringEncoding)
 set theJSON to (current application's NSJSONSerialization's JSONObjectWithData:((current application's 
 NSString's stringWithString:jsonString)'s dataUsingEncoding:(current application's 
NSUTF8StringEncoding)) options:0 |error|:{})
set theCount to count of |records| of theJSON

This returns the Json response as a record that you can pretty simply get to the data you need. I find it faster than using JSON helper.

Both are only plan.
The first book is cover page only.
The second book is a mockup containing 18 peges (written in Japanese).


Second one is in the list.

Exciting I look forward to the Airtable one.