NStableView and Monterey

Since I updated to Monterey, Tables are displayed with extra spaces between rows and columns like this:
capture 001
No matter if the script is saved as an applet and run by double-clic or saved as compiled and run from FastScripts 3.

The method setRowSizeStyle combined with setRowHeight and setIntercellSpacing seems to have no effect.

How can I get back to the previous aspect (the same I’m getting when script is run directly from SD7)
capture 002

I suspect any attempt to change the line spacing may cause other problems. That said, I’m on a Ventura beta at the moment, and I’m not seeing the issue.

I found a solution:

on tableView:theTable heightOfRow:theRow
	theTable's setIntercellSpacing:{0, 0}
	return 19
end tableView:heightOfRow:

This combined with some extra space to the right & bottom edges of the scroll view and my tables are usable again!

capture 001