"Not authorised to send Apple events"

I’m writing AppleScript for Acrobat in Script Debugger on MacOS Mojave. When I run the script, I get the error message: “Not authorised to send Apple events to Adobe Acrobat Pro”.

I presume this is part of Apple’s pesky ‘improved’ security. There’s a little ‘application’ button, which I can press, giving a “Seek permission to explore” option. Clicking on that brings up the Privacy System Preference pane, but nothing actually happens.

Acrobat is not listed in the apps that Script Debugger can control, and there’s no way of adding it. Debugger is already listed there, controlling System Prefs, System Events and the Script Editor itself.

I’ve added Acrobat, Script Debugger and System Events to the Full Disk Access panel. But there’s no way of adding things to Automation panel.

It is an old version of Acrobat - X. But the script works without issue in Apple’s Script Editor.

Attempting to script an app should, the first time you do it, prompt you to give permission. If you refuse, the app should be added to the list, but not highlighted.

Try running a script again, but this time referring to Acrobat by ID rather than name, to see if that prompts for permission.

Otherwise I fear you may have to resort to resetting the privileges.