No Developer ID codesigning

I am finally, perhaps too late, trying to code sign and notarize apps for distribution. This is the error SD Notary gives me:

“No Developer ID codesigning identities have been found.”

Not sure what it’s looking for. I have upgraded to the fee-paid developer membership, and I believe I’ve fillout the proper forms and downloaded certificates etc.

I feel like I’m missing something simple and basic (again)

That basically means the certificate can’t be found in your login keychain. The easiest way to manage certificates is through Xcode → Preferences → Accounts.

Two questions, are error messages generated by the app or Apple? Because there’s a typo in this error message:

21:57:12.315: Unknown problem using altool. Check that the app-specific pasword, Apple ID, and team provider name are correct.

Second, what does this error mean? How can I confirm that the app-specific password and Apple ID are correct? (I don’t belong to multiple teams, obviously)

The error message is in the SD Notary executable (you can see it in a text editor). You don’t need a provider team.

Try these solutions that I found when confronted with the same problem (they may in fact be the same solution in different forms):

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Thanks @emendelson. I went to that preference pane, and there was a Command Line selected. Then without changing anything else I tried again, and SD Notary got much further, so I think that helped.

But now I’m getting this message:

Warning: unable to build chain to self-signed root for signer "Developer ID Application: Ed Stockly (2JJNKVL7R4)"

/Users/edstockly/Production/Business MarketRoundup/Business Market Roundup and Dow Chart - Working/Business Market Roundup and Dow errSecInternalComponent

Although, the app runs just fine, locally. I wonder if it will work in the wild? It seems like the error may be related to making the app run on iOS, but I don’t care about that.

Maybe that’s a Notary setting? Looking again…

A search for

unable to build chain to self-signed root for signer

produces many suggested solutions, some more extreme than others, with no guarantee that any of them work.

Do you have an account on your system with a different user name and Apple ID that you can use for testing? Download the app to that test setup and see if it runs…

First, it’s my typo – thanks. It basically means that the attempt to use the command line tool altool failed. As it requires three bits of information as arguments, the problem is likely to be with one of them.

I’m assuming you did press Choose... for a Provider short name.

Yes, but, after a pause, I get: “Provider Short Name Not Needed.
You belong to only one Apple development team, so you do not need to enter a provider short name.”

What are the three bits of information it’s looking for?

The app-specific password, your Apple ID, and the provider short name if required. Unfortunately if one of them is incorrect, it falis, but gives no indication which one was incorrect.