No debugging flag on Enhanced Applet Icon

If I save an enhanced applet with debugging on, should there not be a small bug image on the icon?

There is for applets and other AppleScript files.

I just tried it here on Catalina and it seems to work:

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.23.08 PM

Hmmm, just tried on another applet. Same thing. But I also noticed that the bug image appeared inconsitently between list view and Icon view.

If I make the change when the folder in Icon view, it showed up right away. If I make the change when the folder is in list view, it usually doesn’t appear, and when I switch to Icon view it’s still not there, usually. The same is true going the other way. If it has the bug icon and I turn off debugging and save it in list view, the icon doesn’t change, but it does if I save it in icon view.

Also, when the autosave Icon appears it is always correct. (The bug in debugging mode, no bug when not in debugging mode).