New scriptable application "Uni Detector" is available on Mac App Store

My application “Uni Detector” is now scriptable and freely distributed on Mac App Store.

This application is full written in AppleScript. Its parts are made by using Script Debugger.
I wrote a simple Scripting Definition file and sample scripts in it.

Now, we can make almost everything by AppleScript and Script Debugger.

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Nice work. How did you make the GUI?

Whole GUI elements are made with Xcode (built-in Interface Builder)

Ah, I didn’t know that Xcode and SD can work together. I thought, when I use the Interface Builder I have to switch to Xcode.

We can use Script Debugger from Xcode as an external editor. There is need to set-up, text based AppleScript code will be edit or compiled (checking syntax meaning). Sometimes, I use another plain text editor to edit.

Xcode scripting demonstration movie is here.

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