New build ScriptApp gives error 'Not authorised to send Apple events…'

A script with access to System Events" that runs fine in ScriptDebugger.
I then build it as Application (Apple) and run it from the finder is directly giving an error stating that it can’t send Apple Events to “System Events”.
It’s nog being added to the System Settings » Privacy & Security » Automation. Neither is asked with a dialog to allow acces.
I’m running Script Debugger 8.0.6 on MacOS 13.6.3. It was a script that initially was created on osX 10.15.7.
I even Notarised it?!

What can be wrong?

Can you post the actual error dialog?

Yesterday it was an error for ‘System Events’ and now it’s for another application I’m talking to Adobe InDesign.

Hi Shane,
I’ve done a little test with a simple script I created in SD 8.0.6 on osX 10.15.7.
Just a simple call to System Events.
I build the app and run it on 10.15 it runs as expected with a dialog where the app wants access to control “System Events”.

When I then look at the app on os13.6 it has a non compatible icon.
As seen the app on os13_6

Open the editable script on os13.6 with SD 8.0.6 and compile it and export it as a runOnly App again makes it executable but then gives the dialog that it’s not Authorised to send Apple events.

When opening the Bundle&Export settings and viewing the tab Privacy & Security all options are graded out.

Then entering a message in the first field and eventually removing it and saving it.

Then export the app again will make it show the correct dialog when run from within the finder.

Can you email me the test scripts you made?