Need List and/or Table Control for Dialog Toolkit

I know we have the great Myriad Tables lib for complex tables, but I really need a simple list/table control that I can use with the other controls of Dialog Toolkit.

Can this be done?
Has anyone done this?

If not, @ShaneStanley, is there any chance you could port a simple table control from Myriad Tables to Dialog Toolkit?

I’m afraid that’s an oxymoron. A table realistically means using Objective-C, which means using a framework, which no longer means simple.

Perhaps from an implementation POV, but not from a user’s POV.

By “simple”, I meant just display a table, and allow the user to pick one or more rows. Then return the row(s) selected.

This is as opposed to all of the wonderful complex functionality you give us in Myriad Tables.

If displaying a table (rows and cols) is the issue, I could live with a simple list, like is displayed in choose from list.


Hey Shane, here’s another option: Add some controls to the Myriad Tables display.

You already allow multiple buttons (> 2), so the min I need is:

  • Display static text
  • Side/Top labeled field

I would be happy with a mod to either Dialog Toolkit or Myriad Tables, whichever is easier to implement.

The choose from list command is still showing a table — just with one column.

The lib is restricted to controls that can be created in (modest amounts of) ASObjC code, and tables simply don’t come into that category.

Check out create label and create labeled matrix.

I was requesting that you add those to Myriad Tables, instead of adding a table control to Dialog Toolkit.

Ah, right. Have you looked at the auxiliary view feature?