Need help with colours in SD8

Just a minor question, I’ve tried but can’t figure out how to change a couple of the colours in SD8.

First are the event result lines in the event log. In my setup they are a very faint grey on a black background. Can I change the faint grey to something which contrasts more with black ? Also, is there a way to set the colour of the event log background ? I have set the editor background to white but the event log stays black.

I also need help on the colour of the highlight when text is first searched. That highlight is close to black making it very hard to see muted colours underneath (e.g. grey and blue are almost impossible to see). It’s weird, as, if I use “Find Again”/command-g, the highlight colour changes to my setting (aqua blue which contrasts well).


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The event log is the same as any other text field that doesn’t contain AppleScript styled text – it’s background color is set by the OS and depends on your Light/Dark Appearance setting in System Preferences.

I can see the contrast issue with results in Dark Mode and will try to improve it, but I’m not sure yet another color choice is the answer.

Can you post a screenshot?

Yes, changing from Dark appearance to Light makes the log results visible. But, that changes every app and Finder. It’s interesting: changing the appearance changes the colour of the events. They change between black and white. But the results stay the same grey colour – except for the highlighted event; which changes from grey to white.

In this example, I searched on “create”. The first example found is highlighted in black.


OK, I see the issue now. The reason it looks different in the first search is because at that point, the key field is the search field, so it takes on the appearance of a selection that is in an inactive field or window. Make a selection anywhere, then click in the search field (or any other field) and you will see the color change.

I’ll see if there’s anything we can do, but unfortunately this is macOS behavior. What’s making it bad is the OS is seeing you’re in Dark Mode, and choosing a new color for the inactive selection on that basis. It’s essentially assuming that in Dark Mode, you will be using a dark background. (Which to be fair is probably right for 99.9% of users.)

Yes, that’s what is happening. If I press command-g or press the TAB key taking focus away all window elements, the highlight changes to what I’ve selected in SD8 Preferences. If, instead, I press the Return key, the next occurrence is highlighted in black.

Also, the found text flashes yellow and underlying text black for about .25 second before the highlight goes black and underlying text returns to its usual colour.

It’s not a big issue. Maybe, I can find some text colours that will work both normally and when highlighted on/off focus.