Need AppleScript to recover ID3 tags for iTunes

My external hard drive died and I lost all my iTunes files. Luckily, I have them all on my iPod. Unluckily, iTunes stripped away all the ID3 tag info for about 14,000 songs, so all I have is the song titles - no artist info, grouping details, etc. It’s not something I can easily recreate, short of manually re-entering all the details, which I have calculated will take me about 5 years, at the rate I’m going.

I spoke to someone who said he could easily build me a script for PC, to take all the details off the iPod, into a text file, and then match it back up with all the tracks in iTunes. The idea was to identify each track by the file size, converting that size into a lengthy numeric code. There might have been a few duplicates, but far fewer than 14,000 tracks, so I could work those ones out manually.

However, I’m on a Mac and the process just didn’t work out. The person trying to help me didn’t know enough about AppleScript to make it work for the Mac, so it hit a dead end.

I don’t personally know anything about scripts / coding and am searching for someone who might be able to build me a script that will resolve this on the Mac. I’m willing to pay something for it, if it works.

Thanks for reading.

I can help. I have a set of scripts available dealing with audio files and metadata.
Do you have the text file containing the tag data already? I need to look into this.

Hello! Yes, I have txt files listing all the tag data as it shows on the iPod.

Please send an extract or the entire txt to me:
Thanks - Heiko

I have just sent it to you from vrinda at vrindapendred dot com