Mystery behavior in High Sierra

I installed High Sierra because the demands of progress made me regress with a promise of only pain (and loss of previously compatible apps) in exchange for few if any benefits. Yes, I am the opposite of Shane.

In an old script, I saw some curious behavior as it was still using the “list folder” command. Working with it as a droplet, the script failed at the moment it ran the list folder line, according to a try statement. But when dropping the item into the open script window (regular or debugging mode) there was no failure at the problem point. I found this curious, and attempted to recreate it via a new script, but then list folder worked fine in all circumstances.

Unfortunately, it continues to fail on a colleagues Mac running High Sierra, even when I removed list folder and instead used an alternate method.

This is likely not an SD7 issue, but I will keep a look out to see if it occurs again and can be replicated.

So, for now, this thread is simply an old man venting. Humpf!

P.S. Really funny that the forum software recommends a similar topic of “Time off for good behavior”. I like how it thinks.

Is the script code signed?

No. Had not thought of changing that, since the error was about missing item (folder path used in list folder).

If the just unzipped it and control-opened it, it’s going to open as if on mounted disk image. That’s probably going to throw any paths you use out. So it may well not be list folder that’s the problem.

The path issue was just with a path to me, looking for a folder in the same folder as the script. I’ll see if I can explore this more tomorrow. Thanks!

That’s exactly where the problem is likely to show up.

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