Myriad Tables "self-feeling" of checkbox and pop-up menu

Dear all,
I looked into the examples provided with Myriad Tables and in the forum(s), but I could find a way to have several checkboxes linked together.

What I mean is that if I select one, on other one is “automatically” de-selected. Like in the example below only rows 1, 2 , and 3 are correct.
I would like that the user never can set the options as in row 4.

The only way I solved this (so far) is to analysed the results after the user click “OK” and if are inconsistent, then make the table appear again (with a forever-loop).



That’s not supported, I’m afraid. You could get the same effect by combining the three columns into one, and using a popup menu with the three options.

Or, you could add a third button (I name mine “refresh”) that takes the current settings and uses that to display an updated table.

Popup won’t help since the “real” scenario I have more than 3 columns and several possible valid combination of options.
But Ed suggestion is an an interesting alternative, with the “refresh” button always active, and the “OK” button become active only when some criteria are met.

I believe the only criteria that can be used to make an OK button inactive is to have nothing selected and with empty selections allowed.

If that is the case, I would then opt for the “Refresh” button to be renamed into “OK” button if the criteria are met in the new iteration/updated version of the Table.
I will look into some examples to check if this is doable.
Thanks for the feedback!