Myriad Tables script won't run from SD menu

I have a fairly simple script that I installed in the SD script folder. It shows the user a list of folders in MT, and the user selects which to open in the finder.

It runs from Script Debugger and FastScripts with no problem but I get a Script Error (below) when run from Script Debugger.

But if the script is open in Script Debugger I don’t get an error.

**Script Error**
The operation couldn’t be completed.
 /Users/edstockly/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger 8/Scripts/003)Show FolderList.scptd: execution error: 
The bundle “SMSTableDialogBuilder” couldn’t be loaded because it is damaged or missing necessary resources. (-4960)```

The Scripts menu ultimately uses osascript to run its scripts, which means it no longer loads third-party frameworks. Is the delay unreasonable if you save the script as a .app file?

Yes, that works. A short delay, but it’s useable.

If it’s run frequently, consider making it stay-open.

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