Myriad Tables Questions

(Shane Stanley) #101

It works in that it gets converted to an integer when bridged, but using an integer is arguably more correct. Checkboxes aren’t always boolean in nature, in that they can be configured to have an indeterminate state (signified by a negative integer).

Sounds like a feature request.


(Ed Stockly) #102

Yes, come to think of it, that’s exactly what that sounds like :sunglasses:



yes, in one case I’ve used the extra button to do this, but in other cases I’ve run out of buttons so I guess I’ll have to dive into the murky world of accessory views. :grimacing: Thanks for the suggestion!


(Ed Stockly) #104

Here’s another question that could be come a feature request or two.

Is it possible for an MT table launched while a specific application is running to only be visible when that application is frontmost/active? Lots of apps have palettes that behave that way.

Ideally I’d like to have an MT Table that changes the displayed list based on which app is frontmost.

I’m using MT to create script palettes. I’m finding them potentially easier to use and definitely faster to execute than FastScripts; apple’s script menu or even script palettes and menus in some apps (inDesign; TextWranger; Script Debugger).


(Shane Stanley) #105

That’s something you have to control from your app. It’s not that hard to do — there’s a chapter about it in my book (chapter 16).



Feature request:

With empty selection allowed set to false, the extra button, if it is present, should still be enabled/clickable. Or at least the behaviour of the extra button should be controlled independently of the behaviour of the OK button.


(Shane Stanley) #107

But then empty selection would be allowed.

Can you give me examples of how that might be useful? It does add a significant amount of extra complication, so there’d have to be more value than just saving a follow-up dialog for invalid entry.


(Ed Stockly) #108

I often use the extra button as a “Refresh,” which gets a new set of table data to display.

For example, say the user is selecting a file to download from a list of files on the server. This would give the user the option of refreshing the list to see any new files added without having to select an item to download that the user doesn’t want to download.