Myriad Tables Error

I’m repurposing a frequently-used script that works fine with Myriad Tables. I run the original script by way of FastScripts without issue.

The new script works fine when run from Script Debugger but intermittently returns the following when run by FastScripts:

Error Number: -1708. SMSTableDialogController doesn’t understand the “alloc” message.

What would cause the error message when run by FastScripts but not when run by Script Debugger? The handlers that display the Myriad Tables’ dialog in the original and new scripts are identical. I did find one thread where this error was mentioned, but the circumstances were different. Thanks.

That just means the underlying framework hasn’t been loaded. There’s no explanation other than that it’s a bug in AppleScript, unfortunately.

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I’m getting something similar when calling Myriad Tables via a script running in a Service. The Service calls a script which loads another script which uses Myriad Tables:

The action “Run AppleScript” encountered an error: "The bundle “SMSTableDialogBuilder” couldn’t be loaded.

The Service has Full Disk Access and Accessability permissions.

It is consistently an issue in macOS 12, Monterey. For some reason, it has become an issue 14, Sonoma only recently. But, seems to not be an issue in 13, Ventura.