Myriad Tables and Automator

I have created a script in Automator (using the Automator action of: “Run Apple Script”) which make use of Myriad Tables, and saved it as service (for the Finder). Its basic function is to rename files. The script itself run fine in Script Debugger, but when I use as Finder Service I get an error:
"The action “Run AppleScript” encountered an error: “The bundle “SMSTableDialogBuilder” couldn’t be loaded.”
(I am using the latest version of Myriad Tables Lib v1.0.10).
How can I circumvent this?

Thanks a lot !


Unfortunately Automator won’t load third-party frameworks, which is what Myriad Tables Lib relies on.

I wonder if some of the basic functions of Myriad table can be wrapped in a simpler library which can be compatible with Automator.
In the meantime I have “converted” my script into an Applet, and have Automator-service lunch it.

Thanks Shane for you replay.

There are too many issues that make that impractical. Takaaki’s site

had some pure ASObjC code for tables at one stage. You could try searching there.

I don’t know whether or not this will work, but as one poster pointed out this seem to be a restriction on what can be done in the environment.

To run from a different environment, you could try using the osascript comment to invoke a second script. Here is an example:

osascript /Applications/applescriptFiles/demo\ --\ the\ best/Demo\ \ --\ Do\ Shell\ Script\ with\ log\