Multiple Copies Of Script Debugger - Laptop / Desktop

(Rick P) #1

I bought SD 6 and installed it on my MacBook Pro. I then bought the upgrade to SD 7. I would like to also install SD 7 on my desktop MacPro. Do I need to purchase another copy of SD 7. I hope not! BTW, I store my AppleScript docs on iCloud for easy access from either computer.

(Mark Alldritt) #2

When both machines are for your own personal use, you are welcome to have Script Debugger installed on both machines at the same time.

NOTE: Script Debugger will only allow its self to run on one of the machines at any given time.

(Phil Stokes) #3

Is that new in SD7? I’m sure I’ve had SD6 running on two personal macs at the same time (testing a script on different versions of macOS).