Minor split screen glitch

This seems familiar and it may have been fixed and popped up again. But if I’m in a longish script and I have a line or some text selected, or if my cursor is in some position down in the script, and I want to do the split screen, what should happen is the selection, or the cursor should be centered in the lower pane, at least, and either the top of the script (which I would prefer) or the portion of the script just above the selection should be visible in the top pane (ideally the first line of the selection would be the last line of the top pane.

Instead, both panes display text that ends a few lines above where the cursor is.

Like I said, it’s minor, but it’s disorienting whenever I do it (which is not that often).

FWIW, the reason I’d prefer the top pane to display the top of the script is there’s often properties or handler calls up there I want to reference. As it is now, if I ever want to use it, I hit the spit button, scroll the bottom pane to show the selection then scroll the top pane to show the top of the script.

Alternatively, if the selection or cursor are not visible, then the bottom pane should center whatever is centered in the full pane before the split.

I know it’s minor and nit picky but I’d appreciate it!

This issue is addressed in 7.0.9 (7A92)