Migration to new Mac M3 fudged FMDBAS

I recently bought Script Debugger, love it. Built a complex script using an SQL database and Numbers spreadsheets. All working great… on my 2020 MacBook Pro/Ventura.

Just migrated everything to a new Mac M3/Sonoma 14.5. First ‘open db’ triggers -
Error: The bundle “FMDBAS” couldn’t be loaded because it doesn’t contain a version for the current architecture.

The freeware site says “launch” the applet, etc. SQLite Lib2.scptd is in my Script Libraries folder. I figured launch meant “open” but I guess not. It says Cannot Open Run-Only Script

It sounds like you have an old version of SQLite Lib. Download the latest version here:

It’s part of Shane's Script Library Pack, but using it as an app, as designed, no longer works (thanks Apple). Instead, fire up the app, export the lib, and replace your old version with the exported version.

This worked, thank you.
The new lib is:

SQLite Lib2.scptd - Nov 25, 2020 at 5:45PM, 854KB Script bundle


Just answered my own question. The Read Me says I now have v1.1.2.
I got the previous download only a few weeks ago so confused how I seemed to get an old version (v1.1.0).