Memories of JavaScript OSA

Those of you who were with me in the Script Debugger 3.0 days may recall my unsuccessful attempt to create a JavaScript alternative to AppleScript. This was long before Apple introduced JavaScript for Automation (JXA). Unfortunately, JavaScript OSA was ahead of its time.

I like to think that JavaScript OSA showed the way for Apple’s JavaScript for Automation effort, though they chose a very different approach to interfacing with applications.

Sadly the code no longer compiles but the documentation remains. Matt Neuburg created a great document describing JavaScript OSA:

Introducing JavaScript OSA


Yes I do remember! That was when we were young and beautiful…
… we are still beautiful but less young…
I love memories!

I’m not sure I know what the difference is between JavasScript OSA and JXA.

When opening and choosing JavaScript as language; is this JavaScript OSA or JXA?

At this stage it is impossible for both JXA and JavaScript OSA to both be active on your machine. Even if JavaScript OSA is present on your machine from an old Script Debugger installation, it will not load.

It’s also mentioned as one of the OSA languages in AppleScript: The Definitive Guide.

It’s linking to a page (this link) that’s not available anymore. Maybe an idea to create some content (or to redirect to this forum page?).


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