Make Home begin of line - End end of line

Is it possible to use Key Bindings Preferences in Script Debugger to make Home key “move to beginning of line” and End key “move to end of line”?

I spend most of my life in the Windows OS and would like these keys to work the same in Script Debugger. I’ve already altered KeyBindings in the MacOs but that does not seem to affect Script Debugger.

I don’t know if it can be done in Script Debugger Preferences but I did find a way to do it using free app Karabiner-Elements.

You have to install from, then go to

Scroll down to “PC-Style Modifiers” and click on Import button at end of line.

Open Karabiner-Elements in Applications

Click on the Complex Modifications tab

Click on Add rule button at bottom-left.

Scroll down to PC-style shortcuts.

Find “Home key to beginning of the line” and click the Enable button at right.

Repeat for “End key to the end of the line”

After restart, Home and End keys worked as in Windows.

Note: My installation was on a Mojave system. There are some indications it may not work with Catalina, until creates another version