Major slowdown that went away

I’ve been pounding away on SD on a fairly simple script. It pulls text from Database events and does a lot text, list, record manipulation.

Usually the script take a second or two, but now each time I run it SD hangs. Compiling takes much longer.

I’ve seen this before and I was going to get a sample or a spindump while it was happening, but it suddenly cleared up all by itself.

If it happens again, would a sample or something from activity monitor help?

Spindumps or samples with descriptions of what you are doing at the time are always potentially helpful.

If it happens again I’ll do both. I’ve been pounding away on it again today, without any relaunches since the issue came up yesterday.

OK, it’s back. SD hangs when starting script (in debugging modes) and hangs intermittently during stepping or running.

I may have to relaunch SD if this goes on too long.