MacScripter’s Future

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My proposal to merge this forum into impacts everyone here. I’m in the planning stages so I can incorporate good ideas and suggestions.


I find the archives of MacScripter invaluable.

There’s a lot of information going back years and years, and, with the nature of AppleScript, some times a post or a thread from 15 years ago has a working answer to my question.

So, I’m asking if it’s possible, before the forums are merged, if the old messages could somehow be preserved in an accessible, searchable fashion?

I’m on both forums, and I think merging them is a great idea.

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I would prefer you use this forums for direct support of LNSW stuff and MacScripter as is. I echo Ed’s statement. Maybe you can host a “view” of MacScripter on yours?

Now, seems not to be managed.
Many contents are locked. Only a few BBS are the only active contents. or its archived contents will be valuable as old age archive if we can browse download whole contents to local, I think.

The ‘AppleScript | Mac OS X’ section of MacScripter is active, there have been over 10 active topics in the past week.