MacScripter’s Future

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My proposal to merge this forum into impacts everyone here. I’m in the planning stages so I can incorporate good ideas and suggestions.


I find the archives of MacScripter invaluable.

There’s a lot of information going back years and years, and, with the nature of AppleScript, some times a post or a thread from 15 years ago has a working answer to my question.

So, I’m asking if it’s possible, before the forums are merged, if the old messages could somehow be preserved in an accessible, searchable fashion?

I’m on both forums, and I think merging them is a great idea.

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I would prefer you use this forums for direct support of LNSW stuff and MacScripter as is. I echo Ed’s statement. Maybe you can host a “view” of MacScripter on yours?

Now, seems not to be managed.
Many contents are locked. Only a few BBS are the only active contents. or its archived contents will be valuable as old age archive if we can browse download whole contents to local, I think.

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The ‘AppleScript | Mac OS X’ section of MacScripter is active, there have been over 10 active topics in the past week.’s transition to it’s new server is complete. It took a little longer than planned, but everything is there now.


Looks good! Looks like it was a lot of work too!

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Hi, I can’t connect to Is there a status page somewhere? Thanks, k

I just now connected without difficulty.

I’m able to connect here. Are you seeing any error codes?

Hi @kerflooey.

If you’re using the old site’s URL “”, you should be automatically redirected to the new one at “”. Your account will have been transferred to the new site, but not your password. So the first time you try to log in, you’ll have to enter your e-mail address or user name and use the “Forgot Password” link. The system will e-mail you a link to a page where you can set a new password. Hope this helps.

Still no luck. I tried Safari and Chrome, in Catalina. “Can’t establish a secure connection to the server.”

Could be my employer has some new security requirement. I’ll check.

Trying to get a new password, but the site doesn’t tell m where it’s sending the email. How many email accounts do you think I have? One? Is there a way to determine where it’s sending the email? Thanks.

I’m confused. The fact that you are posting to the forum suggests you have logged in.

Sorry for the hassle. I can’t log in to i can log in here OK as previously. Now I think my employer may have done something to block my access, checking on that now.

I can log in with my iPad.

Today I was able to log in successfully to using Catalina. I had to enter a new password, but now I’m in at macscripter again. I don’t think my IT dept changed anything. I’m glad I’m back!

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